The Application Process


If you think you may like to apply to be assessed......

Please download and read the documents at the bottom of this page carefully, and if you feel you would like to make an application, please click on the link below to fill in our online assessment application form.

Can anyone apply?

You must be over 18 to make the application, but parents can apply on behalf of children who are under 18, and carers can apply for people over the age of 18. 

Where the main recipient of help from the dog is a child under 18 or an adult with limited capacity, it is understood that a parent or carer will be the main handler of the dog and will be in charge of the dog in public at all times. 

Is every dog eligible?

We have no breed exclusions other than those breeds currently illegal in the UK under the Dangerous Dogs Act. 

There are certain unwanted behaviours which would prevent a dog from passing the initial assessment, but our assessor would either advise a training regimen in order to re-apply at a later date (re-assessment is free of charge), or in some cases you may be advised that your dog is really not suitable to work in public and begin training as a Pawsable assistance dog. These behaviours include:-

  • Any form of aggression (including growling or baring of teeth) towards members of the public or other dogs
  • Acutely fearful behaviour
  • Severe pulling on the lead
  • Highly unfocussed behaviour which the handler is unable to redirect

We will always try to be helpful and advise training and re-assessment if we feel it is appropriate, however we will be honest too. Dogs displaying the behaviours above are not suitable to be working in public, and it wold be unethical of us to suggest differently. 

Can Pawsable dogs go Anywhere?

Although service providers are expected to make 'reasonable adjustment' to enable everyone to access their services with equal opportunity, the law still states that accepting a dog on their premises is still their choice and even Guide Dogs for the Blind are not exempt from this. 

The reality is that very few places who see an assistance dog belonging to a trusted organisation with supporting documentation will refuse entry. 

Where they do, our support team swings into action and we negotiate on your behalf, making sure we can offer the service provider peace of mind and confidence that the dog is being trained in accordance with internationally recognised assistance dog standards.

It also gives you that foundation of support and a network of help and expertise that you don't have when you are an owner trainer in isolation. 

Documents to read before applying

Please download these files and read them carefully before contacting us for an application form. 

Pawsable Affiliate info (pdf)


Behaviour Requirements Pawsable Dogs (pdf)